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White of the Waves, album artwork White of the Waves, Innis & Gunn beer bottle print White of the Waves, hand-finished wood block print White of the Waves, album artwork inside White of the Waves, album artwork inside close-up White of the Waves, album artwork track listing White of the Waves, album artwork reverse White of the Waves, track listing - Pure, City, Ghost, Oh Four, The Bay, Yours & Anita White of the Waves, hand-numbered limited run of 100 physical EPs White of the Waves brand board
'I had a vision in mind for White of the Waves, but this has surpassed anything I could have imagined - it's perfect, thank you.'

White of the Waves


White of the Waves is a new, experimental, instrumental band, who needed a strong identity and album artwork to launch their debut EP.

The branding and artwork captures not only the strong character of the band, but their unique and exciting music too. The band have a strong, adventurous and

outdoorsy character, and an incredibly laid back attitude - lovers of nature, creativity, and of course music - which are all qualities that are reflected in their music. Experimental in nature, their music is melodic, deep, powerful and funky - and always surprising.

We worked with Kolor Skemes to print their album artwork on an

Indigo press, and then hand finished it with bottle ring prints using Innis & Gunn beer bottles in gold, and hand stamped triangle mountains in their vibrant brand yellow.

We are in the process of building the website, which will be launched in the Autumn (2016).

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