Leaff Design Logo

We are a boutique design studio, specialising in expressive and distinctive brand design & styling. When we began Leaff in 2010 we had a combined experience of 15 years working as creative designers, and had worked with both small and large businesses, including the likes of MIRA and SmartWater. But we were restless in the corporate world, and craved the connection and creativity that comes with working with smaller businesses, and for ourselves.


Since then we have applied and vastly developed all of our skills in branding, to offer a specialist, boutique service, which we care passionately about. Over the past 7 years we have become known for our creative vision, our down-to-earth approach and our committed work ethic.

Our clients are from various areas of business, but they are all creative-minded, focused on their goals, passionate about their businesses and believe that they are worth investing in.

We are passionate about seeing them succeed, encouraging and helping them to achieve their business goals via branding that not only reflects them, but serves as a crucial marketing tool.

We have a strong work/life balance, which serves to intensify our creative flow and increase productivity, and so aside from being designers, we are also parents, bookworms, foodies, volunteers, and huge lovers of music, nature and adventure.